La Tranquilidad has been owned and cared for by our family for 35 years. In addition to a coffee farm, La Tranquilidad is also the family home, where all three of Don Martin and Doña Diana's sons were raised. The sons have all since left Guatemala to pursue other dreams with families of their own, but remain an active part of the business and visit home as often as they can. Farming has always been the family business, as we all share a love for tending to the earth and giving back to the environment. Our coffee represents this, as well as our passion to share our love of Guatemala with everyone we meet.


    Café La Tranquilidad comes from a single source - our seven-acre family farm nestled on the slopes of Volcán Santa María. At 5,200 feet above sea level, it sits in the highest range of coffee-growing elevation near the mountain town of Quetzaltenango in Western Guatemala. The farm enjoys rich volcanic soils, a humid cloud forest climate and premium care by a dedicated staff. Our beans are called "strictly hard bean", which is known as the highest quality. Our coffee is shade-grown under a native tree canopy, a method praised for producing excellent bean quality as well as being environmentally conscious. 

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Our Values

Dedication to Quality

A cup of coffee is easy but a great cup of coffee takes passion and skill. We want every cup of Café La Tranquilidad to make you stop and say, "wow, now that's great coffee!" To achieve this, we utilize our natural advantages- high altitude, rich volcanic soils, and a temperate climate. Our skilled team provides meticulous care year-round, ensuring the best possible crop.

Our local roaster brings incredible knowledge and skill to the roasting process. Through bean sorting and careful monitoring, he has developed the ideal roasting processes to suit our unique beans.

We bag, pack, and ship all our coffee ourselves, so our quality control process is pretty strict. Once the coffee is in your hands, you can know with certainty that it is fresh, high quality, and made with love from the planting of the seedling to the sealing of the bag you're holding.

Commitment to Our Employees

Our small, dedicated team has proudly cared for the finca for over 30 years. They treat every plant with special attention and are motivated by their passion for the finca. 

A huge part of tending to the plants comes down to judgement and expertise - knowing when berries are ripe, anticipating weather patterns, managing the canopy to allow the perfect amount of sunlight, and more. All these decisions can mean the difference between a great crop and an average one, which is why we are so lucky to have some of the best in the business at our finca.

We recognize that our employees are the life of our farm, and are committed to providing a living wage to continually improve the quality of life for them and their families. Our workers are our legacy, and their commitment, loyalty, and skill is part of what makes our coffee so special.

Care for the Environment

We are fortunate to be surrounded by Guatemala's lush, beautiful landscape, and preserving it is a top priority. 

All our coffee is shade-grown under a canopy of native tropical hardwoods, which provides a rich habitat for a wide array of tropical birds. A portion of the farm is left untouched as a natural reserve, offering a sanctuary for local species. 

Shade-grown coffee requires detailed canopy management which is far more labor-intensive; however the benefits to the environment and local ecology far outweigh the costs for us. Trees contribute organic matter to the soils, which reduces the need for chemical fertilizer. In the dry season the trees' shade reduces moisture loss, and in the rainy season their roots reduce soil erosion and runoff. Our coffee is naturally sun-dried on coffee patios, reducing our carbon footprint. We are always looking for ways to give back to the environment and help it thrive.